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Bathing Dog


In bathing we use the finest products available made by Biogroom. The shampoo is fragrance free and safe for eyes. We have found it to be the best shampoo on the market. The conditioners we use are catered to type of coat, etc. We also sell the shampoo we use in the salon. If you want to bring your own shampoo or have a prescription shampoo from your vet we are happy to use it. Let us know if your dog(s) has any specific problems or needs.

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Flea Bath

We would appreciate it if you would tell us that you suspect that your dog(s) has fleas when you bring them in. If they do, they will immediately be put in the bathtub for a flea bath and given a pill called Capstar that will start killing the fleas within minutes. The charge for this extra is $8.00 which will be added to your bill. We also sell single doses of Advantage so you can treat them by the month.

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We take pride in our styling methods using the most current styles in the industry.